Top location Hotels in kanpur

Top location Hotels in kanpur

Also famous as Company Bagh, Nana Rao Park is a well-known tourist attraction in the city of Kanpur opposite Hotel Mandakini Lush. Every day it attracts many tourists and locals. This park has a historical significance as it was one of the places in Kanpur where the massacre took place in the year 1857. Around 200 Britishers were killed by the forces of Nana Sahib, a Maratha warrior king. Presently, it serves as a recreational spot for the people that wish to spend their leisure time here.

It Is Known For:-
1) Nana Rao Park was known by the name of ‘Memorial Well’ during the British rule. It had a large wall that was built to commemorate the ones that died when Nana Sahib attacked
2) Post-independence, the well was demolished and a beautiful park was built over it. The statues of the freedom fighters like Nana Sahib, Tatya Topey, and Rani Lakshmi Bai were erected in the park as a tribute
3) It also provides a shelter to a distinguished avifauna
4) An old banyan tree still exists in the park which said to be standing there since ages

Best Time To Visit:-
Nana Rao Park is visited by the people every day for walking, jogging, exercising, spending leisure time etc. Thus, it can be visited in every season.


Reaching There:-
Nana Rao Park is a major tourist attraction that has a great historical significance. It has a well-established network of the roadways that makes it convenient for the visitors to reach it easily by either by a bus or taxi.


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Nearest Airport- Kanpur Airport

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